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Alternative names Barbagliata
Type Beverage
Place of origin Italy
Region or state Milan
Serving temperature Warm (summer) and Cool (winter)
Main ingredients Chocolate, milk, coffee, sugar, optionally cream
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The Barbajada[1][2] (also italianized as Barbagliata[1]) was a popular Milanese sweet frothy drink in the 19th century and the early decades of the 20th century. It was made with whipped chocolate, milk and coffee in equal parts, along with any amount of sugar, and possibly topped with cream. It was served warm in hot summer and cool in cold winter, usually to accompany desserts such as the Panettone or other Milanese delicacies.[3]

Reportedly, the recipe was a creation of Domenico Barbaja (hence the name), who was at the time a garzone (waiter) in a café.[4] The drink was so successful that Barbaja eventually grew rich enough to become a theatrical impresario as well as the owner of a café in the luxury venue of Piazza della Scala.[2][3]

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