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Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute
Karmanos Cancer Institute logo.jpg

4100 John R

Detroit, Michigan, United States
Care system Non-profit
Hospital type Cancer
Affiliated university Wayne State University School of Medicine
Beds 123
Founded 1943
Website http://www.karmanos.org
Lists Hospitals in Michigan

The Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute, headquartered in Detroit, is the largest cancer research and provider network in Michigan and has 14 treatment locations.[1] It is one of 47 National Cancer Institute-designated comprehensive cancer treatment and research centers in the United States.[2] Affiliated with Wayne State University School of Medicine, the institute has 1,000 staff members, including 300 doctors, and 100 researchers. The staff treats approximately 12,000 patients each year and operates with a budget of $260 million.

Karmanos has one of the largest clinical trials programs in the nation, giving patients access to more than 100 treatments often available only at Karmanos.[3] It conducts 800 cancer-specific scientific investigations programs and clinical trials each year.[4] The institute has a Phase 1 program, a participating site in the Early Therapeutics Clinical Trials Network (ET-CTN) of the NCI. Only 10 ET-CTN grants were awarded in North America, with Karmanos being the only site in Michigan.[5] Gerold Bepler is president and chief executive officer.[6]


Karmanos began as the Detroit Institute for Cancer Research in 1943 and was later named the Michigan Cancer Foundation, encompassing the Meyer L. Prentis Comprehensive Cancer Center of Metropolitan Detroit and the cancer programs of the Detroit Medical Center and Wayne State University. In 1995, the cancer center was named after Barbara Ann Karmanos, the late wife of Peter Karmanos Jr., former chairman and chief executive officer of Compuware Corporation. Barbara Ann Karmanos succumbed to breast cancer at the age of 46.

On October 30, 2013, Karmanos Cancer Institute and McLaren Health Care signed an agreement that created the largest cancer research and provider network in Michigan. The agreement was finalized in January 2014.[7]


Karmanos received the Women's Choice Award as one of America's Best Hospitals for Cancer Care in 2016. The award signifies Karmanos' commitment and passion towards providing an extraordinary healthcare experience for women and all patients.[8]


  • The institute is under the direction of CEO Gerold Bepler and President Justin Klamerus.[6]


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