Barbara Crawford Johnson

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Barbara Crawford Johnson is an American aeronautical engineer.[1]


In 1946, Barbara Crawford Johnson became the first woman to earn a Bachelor's degree in general engineering from the University of Illinois.[2]


  • The recovery of hypersonic gliders
  • Lunar reentry vehicle research
  • Orbital rendezvous
  • The Navaho missile
  • The Hound Dog air-to-ground missile
  • The Apollo Lunar Landing Program
  • Lunar Landing
  • Skylab
  • Apollo-Soyuz
  • Space Shuttle (responsible for Shuttle system and Orbiter Project mission related analysis).


  • 1975: The Distinguished Alumni Merit Award, University of Illinois College of Engineering[2]
  • 1976: Dirk Brouwer Award, Americal Astronautical Society[3]


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