Barbara Drapczyńska

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Barbara Stanisława Drapczyńska (November 1922 in a village of Wiecznia Kościelna near Ciechanów - September 1, 1944 in Warsaw) was the wife of Krzysztof Kamil Baczyński, and a student of Polish Philology at the secret Warsaw University, during the German occupation of Warsaw.

Drapczyńska's father had a printing shop at Piękna Street in Warsaw. She met her future husband on December 1, 1941. A year later, they were engaged. The wedding took place on June 3, 1942 at 10 am in the church of the Holy Trinity in the district of Solec. After the ceremony they lived together. Drapczyńska was Baczyński's muse; he wrote several erotic poems dedicated to her.

She died pregnant on September 1, 1944, during the Warsaw Uprising, struck in the head by a splinter of glass, which damaged her brain. At the moment of death, she had in her hands the Kennkarte of her husband as well as his book. Baczyński had foreseen this in a poem written a few weeks earlier, on July 13, 1944. According to witnesses, Drapczyńska was struck on August 26, and suffered badly for a few days. She never found out that her husband had been killed in the early days of the Uprising.