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Barbara Harper (born June 25, 1952) is a US childbirth and maternity reform activist, author, educator and internationally recognized expert on the use of warm water immersion for labor and birth.

The Oregonian newspaper once referred to Harper as "the Billy Graham of waterbirth" when they described her "missionary" style of promoting waterbirth around the world.[1]

Harper has conducted workshops, professional certification and training programs, lectures and conferences in 61 countries, within hospitals, medical schools, nursing schools, midwifery programs and university women’s studies departments, as well as community parent groups. She has been interviewed by hundreds of newspapers, magazines, radio and television shows, including CBS "The Doctors," to talk about her work with waterbirth and gentle birth.[1][2]

Early life[edit]

Harper grew up in a small farming community in western Ohio. She attended Ohio State University in 1971, studying English literature. She switched to a nursing education program and became a registered nurse in 1975. Her nursing career included working in obstetrics, pediatrics, cardiac and neurosurgical intensive care.[1] Harper began studying natural health and healing in the late 70s. She became a member of the newly created American Holistic Nurses Association and accepted a position on the board of directors of AHNA, in 1982.[citation needed]

Waterbirth International[edit]

Harper founded Waterbirth International in 1988, after visiting the former Soviet Union where she met early waterbirth pioneer, Igor Charkovsky, and interviewed parents and their midwives, who had given birth in water, including in the Black Sea.[3] She also worked with Binnie Dansby in the early 1980s learning about cognitive-repressed experiences and memories of birth. She began researching waterbirth in 1983 and traveled to France to meet Dr. Frederick Leboyer and Dr. Michel Odent in their respective clinics, where she observed water immersion.[citation needed]

Author and video producer[edit]

Harper's research and experiences resulted in the publication of the Gentle Birth Choices[4] book and DVD. The book has been translated into nine languages.[citation needed] She also produced the film, Birth Into Being: The Russian Waterbirth Experience, in cooperation with Alexi and Tatiana Sargunas in 1999.[citation needed]


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  • 2002 International Award presented by Lamaze International Board of Directors for dedication and commitment to promoting normal birth around the world
  • 2007 Hospitale Militar, Mexico City – Recognition for excellence in education
  • 2014 February Ottawa Birth and Women's Center, Ottawa, Canada - Recognition for service to women and support of Canadian Midwifery

Personal life[edit]

Harper has three adult children and one grandson. She resides in Boca Raton, Florida, where she volunteers for Family Promise and several other programs through her Reform Synagogue.[1]


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