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Barbara Honigmann (born 12 February 1949 in Berlin) is a German author and artist.

Barbara Honigmann is the daughter of German-Jewish emigrants, who returned to East Berlin in 1947 after a period of exile in Great Britain. Her mother, Litzi Friedman, was the first wife of Kim Philby and her father, Georg Honigmann, was the chief editor of the "Berliner Zeitung". From 1967 to 1972, she studied theatre at Humboldt University in East Berlin.

In the following years she worked as a dramatist and director in Brandenburg and Berlin. She has been a freelance writer since 1975. In 1984, she left the GDR and currently lives with her family in Strasbourg.




  • Lev Ustinov: Die Holz-Eisenbahn, Berlin 1979 (with Nelly Drechsler)
  • Anna Akhmatova: Vor den Fenstern Frost, Berlin 1988 (with Fritz Mierau)


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