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Barbara Ireland (born March 8 in Seattle, Washington) is an American musician, singer, and songwriter known for embracing and experimenting with many different genres of music, including rock, jazz, downtempo, punk, classic country, glam rock, and classical. She has performed and recorded as singing partner with Stone Gossard (Pearl Jam) in his band, The Hank Khoir, since 2007[1][2][3] and played bass, keyboards, drums and sang in numerous pre-grunge Seattle, Washington bands including The Fags (with Upchuck Gerra and Paul Solger),[4] and Mental Mannequin (with Gordon Raphael, producer of The Strokes).[5][6] Ireland also composes soundtracks, and wrote a book of songs for beginning harpists.[7]

Ireland released her first solo CD, "Turning Back Time - Classic Songs To Kiss By", in late 2010, in which she brings back the rich sounds of old jazz/torch singing.[8][9]

Her second CD, titled "RED," was released June, 2012. This album is composed primarily of songs written by Ireland, where she mixes early 1960s girl group sounds, classic 'pheromone jazz', and down and dirty blues and rock, including a Mae West-style cover of John Lee Hooker's song, "Boom Boom."[10]

Ireland is also known for her avant-garde filmmaking and collage art. She received her BFA degree in Film Directing from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, has won several awards for her Fellini-esque films, and Sky Cries Mary music videos, and held a film retrospective of her work at Seattle's Film Forum in 2007.[11] A DVD of her film work, titled From Dreams To Delirium, was released in 2011 at a gala screening/release party at the NWFF.[12] Her collage art and early rock posters have been exhibited in several Seattle galleries,[13][14][15] two rock poster art books,[16][17] and Merle Becker's 2009 documentary, 'American Artifact: The Rise of American Rock Poster Art.'[18][19]


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