Barbara Zitwer

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Barbara Zitwer
Occupation Film producer, playwright, novelist and literary agent
Nationality American
Genre Horror/biography

Barbara J Zitwer is an American film producer, playwright and literary agent.

She started her career as a still photographer and location co-ordinator on Larry Cohen's 1984 horror movie Special Effects. In 1985 she worked as a location scout on The Stuff, and was the associate producer of 1987's It's Alive III: Island of the Alive. She produced the 1988 Nicolas Cage film Vampire's Kiss.[1][2] and was the associate producer of the 1990 movie The Ambulance.[3] She was an executive producer on Lazarus Rising with Columbia Tri-Star.[4]

Zitwer co-wrote the play Paper Doll, with Mark Hampton, about writer Jacqueline Susann.[5][6] The play was produced in regional theatres across the US. She was also the executive co-executive producer of the 1998 TV movie Scandalous Me: The life of Jacqueline Susann, for the USA Network.[7]

In 1995, Zitwer formed her own literary and film agency in New York City.[8] Books handled by her agency include The Friday Night Knitting Club, Matchstick Men, Notes from the Underbelly, Socrates in Love and The Serial Killers Club.[9]


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