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Barbarossa, a name meaning "red beard" in Italian, may refer to:


Fictional characters[edit]

  • Barbarossa Rugner, a character in the 1995 Suikoden PlayStation role-playing game
  • Barbarossa, pirate and protagonist in the 1953 film Raiders of the Seven Seas
  • Barbarossa (Vilhelm Jayther), a Titan in the Dune Legends prequel books
  • Hayreddin Barbarossa, a pirate captain in the Nintendo 3DS game Bravely Default.
  • Barbarossa, a character in the book Thief Lord

Military operation[edit]

  • Operation Barbarossa, the Axis invasion of the Soviet Union in World War II, commencing 22 June 1941


  • Barbarossa, an Icelandic punk rock band
  • Barbarossa, a solo project of London-based multi-instrumentalist James Mathé
  • Barbarossa (album), a 1996 album by Cubanate
  • Barbarossa, a 2001 album by Orplid
  • Barbarossa, a 1994 song by Sordid Humor
  • Barbarossa, a 1999 song by Sex Gang Children
  • Barbarosa, a 2012 song by Lamb of God


  • Barbarossa class ocean liner, a class of ten German ocean liners built between 1896 and 1902
  • SMS Kaiser Barbarossa, a German pre-dreadnought battleship launched in 1900
  • Barbaros Hayreddin, an Ottoman battleship of World War I
  • The Barbaroosa, A fictional pirate ship bearing a Letter of Marque, captained by Kenjo Kurihara from Miniskirt Pirates light novel series by Yūichi Sasamoto and corresponding anime Bodacious Space Pirates.
  • RV Barbaros Hayreddin Paşa, a Turkish seismographic research/survey vessel owned and operated by the Turkish Petroleum Corp. (TPAO).


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