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Barbeau is a surname of French origin. The name refers to:

  • Adrienne Barbeau (b. 1945), American stage, film, and television actress
  • André Barbeau (1931–1986), French-Canadian neurologist and researcher into Parkinson’s disease
  • Anton Barbeau (contemporary), American singer and songwriter
  • Jap Barbeau (1882–1969), American professional baseball player
  • Manon Barbeau (contemporary), Canadian film director and screenwriter
  • Marcel Barbeau (b. 1925), Canadian artist
  • Marius Barbeau (1883–1969), Canadian ethonographer and folklorist
  • Raymond Barbeau (1930–1992), French-Canadian essayist, literary critic, and naturopath
  • Victor Barbeau (1896–1994), Québécois writer and academic