Barberville, Rhode Island

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Barberville Dam

Barberville is a small village located primarily in the town of Hopkinton, but also extending into Richmond in Washington County, Rhode Island, United States. Barberville is located to the north of Hopkinton's principal village, Hope Valley and uses Hope Valley's zip code, 02832.


Barberville has a short history. It was never an extremely populated village. It was the site of one of Hopkinton's original school districts.

Today, the only major road that passes through Barberville is Arcadia Road. The Wood River, which serves as the border between Hopkinton and Richmond, runs through Barberville and the Wood-Pawcatuck Watershed Association is headquartered in the village.[1]


Barberville is also the home to country music star Billy Gilman. He identifies as being from Hope Valley, because Barberville uses Hope Valley's zip code, but he actually grew up on the Richmond side of Barberville.


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Coordinates: 41°32′27″N 71°41′48″W / 41.540825°N 71.696580°W / 41.540825; -71.696580