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Restaurant information
Established 1906[1]
Food type Piemonte cuisine
Street address 321 West 46th Street (between 8th Avenue and 9th Avenue), on the Theater District's Restaurant Row
City New York City
State New York
Coordinates 40°45′37″N 73°59′21″W / 40.760293°N 73.989037°W / 40.760293; -73.989037

Barbetta is an Italian restaurant focused on Piemonte cuisine located at 321 West 46th Street (between 8th Avenue and 9th Avenue) on the Theater District's Restaurant Row in New York City.[1] Founded in 1906, Barbetta is the oldest Italian restaurant in New York and the oldest restaurant in the Theater District. It holds many other firsts from its food innovations.

Barbetta was founded in 1906 by Sebastiano Maioglio and is now owned by his daughter, Laura Maioglio, who took over in 1962.[2]


Barbetta was the first Italian restaurant to present white truffles "on a continuous and regular basis during the truffle season" and was one of the first restaurants in Manhattan to add a garden for dining outdoors.[2]


Barbetta is the first restaurant in America to have received landmark status from the Locali Storici d'Italia when it was designated Locale Storico (Historic Establishment).[2]

In 2013, Zagat gave it a food rating of 22.[1]


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Coordinates: 40°45′37″N 73°59′20″W / 40.76027°N 73.98883°W / 40.76027; -73.98883