Barbie: Mermaidia

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Barbie: Mermadia
Barbie Fairytopia: Mermaidia
DVD cover
Directed byWalter P. Martishius
William Lau
Produced byLuke Carroll
Written byElise Allen
StarringKelly Sheridan
Chiara Zanni
Kathleen Barr
Lee Tockar
Alessandro Juliani
Christopher Gaze
Tabitha St. Germain
Andrea Libman
Brittney Wilson
Pam Hyatt
Venus Terzo
Music byEric Colvin
Edited byMichael Dowding
Distributed byLionsgate Home Entertainment
Release date
  • March 14, 2006 (2006-03-14)
Running time
85 minutes
United States

Barbie: Mermaidia or Barbie Fairytopia: Mermaidia[1] is a 2006 direct-to-video computer-animated film directed by Walter P. Martishius and William Lau, and produced by Mainframe Entertainment. It is the 7th entry in the Barbie film series, a direct sequel to Barbie: Fairytopia and the 2nd film in the Barbie: Fairytopia series film stars Kelly Sheridan as the voice of Elina and Chiara Zanni as the voice of Nori. The plot follows shortly after the events of the previous sequel, focusing on a now-full-fledged fairy named Elina and a mermaid named Nori who attempt to rescue Nalu, a merman prince, from the clutches of the evil Laverna. Like all the CGI Barbie films, a line of dolls and toys were produced and released with the film. This was also the last Barbie film to be released on VHS.


After the events of the first film, Elina is having fun flying with her new wings, along with her friend, Dandelion, and puffball, Bibble, who notices that they are being followed. The person following them is the Sea-Butterfly, who tells Elina that the prince of the merpeople, Nalu, has been captured by Laverna's Fungi henchmen and begs her to help save him, to which Elina agrees. At the Crystal Cove, the Fungi, led by Fungus Maximus ("Max" for short), interrogate Nalu for the location of the immunity berry, which will allow Laverna to escape her banishment and make her invulnerable to all magic. When Nalu refuses to help the Fungi, Max threatens to contaminate the water with a vial of powerful poison which will spread throughout Nalu's kingdom of Mermaidia; Nalu then agrees to guide them to the berry's location.

When Elina arrives at the Crystal Cove, she meets Nori, a friend of Nalu's from whom the Sea-Butterfly hides. When informed of Nalu's kidnapping, Nori rudely rebuffs Elina and goes off to rescue Nalu on her own. Eating seaweed that enables them to breathe underwater, Elina and Bibble follow Nori to Mermaidia. Nori tells Elina that she is looking for the oracle, Delphine, but cannot get a straight answer from the merfairies who know where she is. When Bibble is invited to one of the merfairy's houses for a snack, Elina tags along and is told to meet the ferry guide to find Delphine. Elina and Nori race to the fairy ferry, run by a giant sea-snail named Shellie. Elina eventually figures out that Shellie is really Delphine. Delphine tells them that to find Nalu, they must brave the Depths of Despair and seek out the Mirror of the Mist. Elina is also told that in order to face the extremely strong currents of the Depths, she must give up her wings in exchange for a tail; despite her reluctance, Elina is given a pearl necklace that will turn blue when she chooses to become a mermaid, the pearls will slowly turn back white whereupon Elina will need to go back on land to regain her wings, if not, she will be a mermaid permanently.

Elina and Nori reach the Depths of Despair, a deep, downward cavern in the ocean floor, however Elina is not strong enough to face the currents and Nori presses on on her own. Further down, Nori is ensnared by one of the hostile plants growing along the cavern's walls. Elina hears Nori's cries for help and magically exchanges her wings for a tail, becoming a mermaid. Elina rescues Nori and together they reach the bottom of the depths. The two mermaids are greeted by a wise fish who shows them the Mirror of the Mist. Asking for Nalu's location, the mirror shows them where the Fungi are holding him and the fish provides them with a magic bubble to guide them. The bubble pops when the group reaches a cave of boiling geysers, which Nori assures is the right way. After swimming through the cave, they find themselves in a garden full of magic berries with different sorts of effects, including a berry that reveals your true self. Meanwhile, Nalu is guarded by two Fungi while Max searches for and finds the Immunity Berry. When they reach where Nalu is, Bibble distracts the Fungi while Nori and Elina free the prince. The group manage to snag the berry out of Max's hand and toss it between one another as the Fungi chase them underwater. With the last pearl on her necklace beginning to turn white, Elina takes the berry and swims up to the top of a waterfall where she is confronted by Max. Max threatens to toss the entire vial of poison into the water unless Elina hands over the berry, which she does. After receiving the berry, Max drops the vial anyway; Elina leaps after it, catching it and holding it safely closed, landing in the water just as the last pearl turns fully white.

Elina and Nori tell Nalu that they switched the real Immunity Berry with a True-self Berry, which Elina handed to Max. Nalu thanks them for saving Mermaidia and Fairytopia but Elina begins to lose heart at the thought of being a mermaid forever. Thinking quickly, Nori gives Elina a True-self Berry; though unsure Elina eats it and is transformed back into a fairy with a new pair of wings. When Max returns to Laverna and gives her the True-self Berry, she is transformed into a toad; seeing what she has become, Laverna angrily swears vengeance on Elina. Back in the Magic Meadow, a worried Dandelion is briefly visited by Azura who comforts her. Elina returns home shortly after and Azura congratulates her on a job well done before leaving, promising to visit again soon. Elina and Dandelion fly off as Bibble tells the story of their adventure.


Some of the voice actors and their voice-over characters (shown in Bold reprise their roles in this film and are also the principal characters) of Fairytopia.


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