Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses

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Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses
DVD cover
Directed byGreg Richardson
Produced byShea Wageman
Written byElana Lesser
Cliff Ruby
Based on"The Twelve Dancing Princesses" by the Brothers Grimm
StarringKelly Sheridan
Nicole Oliver
Jennifer Copping
Kathleen Barr
Chiara Zanni
Adrienne Carter
Ashleigh Ball
Britt McKillip
Maddy Copozzi
Chantal Strand
Catherine O'Hara
Shawn MacDonald
Christopher Gaze
Music byArnie Roth
Edited byColin Adams
Distributed byUniversal Studios Home Entertainment
Release date
  • September 19, 2006 (2006-09-19)[1]
Running time
81 minutes
CountryUnited States

Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses is a 2006 direct-to-video computer-animated dance film directed by Greg Richardson and loosely based on the Brothers Grimm's "The Twelve Dancing Princesses".[2] It is the ninth entry in the Barbie film series and features the voice of Kelly Sheridan as the Barbie protagonist. It was released on September 19, 2006 and is the first Barbie film to be distributed by Universal Studios (now Universal Pictures).

Music for the film was composed by Arnie Roth. "Shine", the end title song written by Roth, Amy Powers and Rob Hudnut, was nominated for a 2007 Emmy Award.


Genevieve is one of twelve princesses who live in a castle with their widowed father, King Randolph. The princesses have adventurous spirits that are viewed as "non-proper" by other members of the royal society. King Randolph summons his cousin, Duchess Rowena, to help raise the princesses. Unbeknownst to him, Rowena plans to poison him and get rid of his daughters so she can become queen. Attempting to break their spirits, she makes the princess' lives miserable.

The princesses find comfort in their late mother's favorite story, which tells of a magical kingdom where golden flowers grant wishes and princesses can dance at an enchanted pavilion for three nights. They realize that the story shows how to enter the kingdom from their own bedroom. Inside the magical kingdom, they discover that the water there possesses healing properties.

The next day, the princesses appear tired and the duchess finds their new dancing shoes worn, arousing her suspicion. When King Randolph falls ill, Genevieve asks the royal cobbler Derek to investigate Rowena's true intentions. That night, while the sisters return to the magical kingdom to dance, Derek discovers the truth about Rowena.

The next morning, the sisters are again exhausted, and Rowena forces them into servitude. Heartbroken, they return to the magical kingdom, and Rowena finds them missing the next morning. Derek enters the kingdom to report his findings to the sisters. Rowena discovers this and also enters the kingdom. She steals some of the gold flowers and destroys the gateway to the kingdom, leaving the sisters and Derek trapped.

The group discovers that, when Genevieve and Derek dance together, everyone floats up into the sky and they are able to return home through a different gateway. Once home, they see that Rowena has taken over as queen. They use their personal skills and hobbies to outsmart Rowena's guards and confront her. Rowena uses the gold flowers to wish that Genevieve dances forever. When the flower dust comes toward Genevieve, she uses her fan to blow the dust back toward Rowena, who begins to dance uncontrollably. When her footman Desmond tries to help her, he too is pulled into the spell, and the two villains dance their way out of the castle.

The sisters use water from the kingdom to heal their dying father. King Randolph explains that Rowena had poisoned him and apologizes to his daughters for not believing them. In the end, Genevieve and Derek celebrate their wedding.



Each of the 12 Princesses is designated with a gemstone and a flower. Each princess' flower appears on their dresses, the book gifted to each of them, and on the stones on the floor of their bedroom, and each of the princesses' names begin with the first 12 letters of the alphabet.

  • Genevieve - The 16-year-old seventh sister, and the main protagonist of the film. She tends to run late for all sorts of occasions. She is also an experienced chess player. Next to her family, Genevieve loves dancing more than anything. Derek, the royal cobbler, harbors romantic feelings for her. Her flower is the pink rose and her gemstone is a pink opal. She wears a dark pink and white dress. She loves to dance.
  • Ashlyn - The 22-year-old eldest sister. She is practical, calm and knowledgeable. She loves music, especially playing the flute and oboe. She is straightforward and cares for her sisters, for whom she tries to act as a role model. Her flower is the purple geranium and her gemstone is a garnet. She bears the most resemblance to her mother Queen Isabella, and wears a purple dress.
  • Blair - The 21-year-old 2nd sister. She loves horseback riding and collects music boxes. Feisty and outspoken, Blair is always the first to voice her opinion, especially her complaints about Rowena's presence in their lives. Her flower is larkspur and her gemstone is a ruby. She wears a red dress.
  • Courtney - The 20-year-old 3rd sister and is close to Ashlyn and Blair. She seems to be the shyest of the twelve sisters. Her favorite hobby is reading, which makes her intelligent and open-minded, but often renders her totally oblivious to her surroundings. Her flower is the forget-me-not and her gemstone is a sapphire. She wears a blue dress. She is the least active of a dancer.
  • Delia - The adventurous 19-year-old 4th sister and Edeline's fraternal twin. She loves sports, especially croquet and horseback riding. Her flower is the sunflower and her gemstone is a green peridot. She wears a green dress.
  • Edeline - The 19-year-old 5th sister and Delia's fraternal twin. She loves to play sports, her favorites being badminton and croquet. She also tends to be messy and disorganized. Her flower is honeysuckle and her gemstone is orange citrine. She wears an orange dress.
  • Fallon - The 17-year-old 6th sister. She loves animals, plays the harp, and is a romantic who hopes everyone can find their happily ever after. She likes hearts, lace, and writing stories. Her flower is the camellia and her gemstone is a pearl. She wears a pink dress.
  • Hadley - The 13-year-old 8th sister and Isla's fraternal twin. She loves to walk on stilts, an interest she shares with Isla. Her flower is the narcissus and her gemstone is a topaz. She wears a blue dress.
  • Isla - The 13-year-old 9th sister and Hadley's fraternal twin. Isla is a skilled acrobat and enjoys walking on stilts with her twin. Her flower is the lily of the valley and her gemstone is an emerald. She wears a light violet dress.
  • Janessa - The 5-year-old the 10th sister and leader of the young fraternal triplets. She is interested in bugs and loves collecting them. While she may be bossy at times, her intentions are always good. Her flower is the jonquil and her gemstone is aquamarine. She wears a light blue dress.
  • Kathleen - The 5-year-old 11th sister, the middle triplet, and is close with both triplets. She loves art and enjoys painting, but tends to be messy like her big sister, Edeline. Kathleen is down-to-earth and helps keep balance among the triplets. Her flower is the daisy and her gemstone is a pink diamond. She wears a light pink and yellow dress.
  • Lacey - The 5-year-old youngest sister. She is very close to her big sister, Genevieve and likes to collect teddy bears. Being the youngest, she is timid, somewhat clumsy and frequently needs help for the simplest things. Even though she loves her sisters and her father, Lacey often wonders about where she belongs in her large family. Her flower is the white lily and her gemstone is an amethyst. She wears a light purple dress.

Other characters[edit]

  • Derek - A handsome royal cobbler. He is friends with Genevieve and her sisters, secretly in love with Genevieve, and becomes the princesses' main ally in stopping Rowena. At the end of the film, he and Genevieve are happily wedded.
  • Felix - Derek's talking parrot. He wants Derek and Genevieve to be together, often blabbing hints about how Derek feels to Genevieve, which causes great embarrassment for his master.
  • Duchess Rowena - King Randolph's cousin and the antagonist of the film. She is brought to the castle to help the king raise his twelve daughters. She seeks to steal the throne by poisoning Randolph and getting rid of the twelve princesses. She is doomed to dance forever when a spell she tried to use on Genevieve backfires.
  • King Randolph - The father of the twelve dancing princesses. He loves his daughters more than anything, but is determined to turn them into "proper princesses" with Rowena. Little does he know Rowena is slowly poisoning him in an attempt to steal his throne and that it is up to his "unruly" daughters to save him.
  • Desmond - Rowena's large and ruthless footman. He seems to have a crush on Rowena, doing anything she says to please her. He is doomed to dance with her forever when he tries to free the cursed duchess.
  • Twyla - Genevieve's pet kitten. She tries to act tough in front of her enemies and is constantly fighting with Rowena's monkey, Brutus. She is friends with Felix and believes that she is related to the tigers of India.
  • Brutus - Rowena's pet monkey, who is just as cruel and arrogant as his mistress. He loves making Twyla angry and often spies on the princesses to find ways to get them in trouble with Rowena.
  • Mr. Fabian - An apothecary who sells poison to Rowena in exchange for stolen goods. He is eventually tracked down by Derek, who trades his horse for Queen Isabella's goblet.
  • Queen Isabella - The late mother of the twelve princesses. She is seen in the movie through a portrait that hangs near the entrance of the castle. Even in death, she helps her daughters discover the magical kingdom and the importance of family. Her goblet is stolen by Rowena to purchase poison from the apothecary.



The songs featured in this film are:

  • 12 Dancing Princesses theme song
  • Shine (Theme Song)
  • The Birthday Song (Sang for the Triplets, until Rowena stopped it)
  • Argeers by John Playford (When Derek plays a tune for them)
  • Sacerdotes Domini by William Byrd (Sang by the princesses on their father's bedroom when he got ill)
  • Mendelssohn's Midsummer Night's Dream - Nocturne (When they first step in the magical world and ride the boat)
  • Mendelssohn's Midsummer Night's Dream - Fairies' March (When the triplets fall asleep and the other girls dance)
  • Felix Mendelssohn's Fourth Symphony, the first and third movement (Played when the princesses are dancing on the first and second night respectively)
  • Mendelssohn's Fifth Symphony, second movement (played when the girls dance with the brass statues)
  • Mendelssohn's Fourth Symphony's last movement is played at the final confrontation of Rowena and Desmond by the princesses and Derek.


In the October 14, 2006 issue of Billboard, Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses debuted at number one on the Top DVD Sales chart.


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