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Gold Barb Puntius semifasciolatus 7.png
Gold barbs
(B. semifasciolatus var. schuberti)
Scientific classification edit
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Cypriniformes
Family: Cyprinidae
Genus: Barbodes
Bleeker, 1859
Type species
Barbodes maculatus
  • Cephalakompsus Herre, 1924
  • Mandibularca Herre, 1924
  • Ospatulus Herre, 1924
  • Spratellicypris Herre, 1924

Barbodes is a genus of small to medium-sized cyprinid fish native to tropical Asia. The majority of the species are from Southeast Asia. Many species are threatened and some from the Philippines (Lake Lanao) are already extinct. A survey carried out in 1992 only found three of the endemic Barbodes species,[1] and only two (Barbodes lindog and B. tumba) were found in 2008.[2] Several members of this genus were formerly included in Puntius.[3]


The name is derived from the Latin word barbus, meaning "barbel", and the Greek word oides, meaning "similar to".

Spotted barb, B. binotatus
Spanner barb, B. lateristriga
Chinese barb, B. semifasciolatus


There are currently 46 recognized species in this genus:[3][4]

Note on species list: Kottelat 2013 states that B. dorsimaculatus may not be referable to this genus and considers it to be species inquirenda. He also implies that Barbodes should be restricted to Southeast Asian and Philippine endemics and that the following species from eastern and southern Asia may not be referable to this genus: B. bovanicus, B. carnaticus, B. elongatus, B. polylepis and B. wynaadensis. Because these species fall outside of the geographic area of his paper, their position in Cyprinidae is not addressed.[3]


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