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Lake Bardawil (Arabic: بحيرة البردويل‎‎ Buhayrat al Bardawil or سبخة البردويل Sabkhat al Bardawil) is a large, very saline lagoon in Egypt on the north coast of the Sinai Peninsula. The lagoon is shallow (reaching a depth of about 3 metres) and is separated from the Mediterranean Sea by a narrow sandbar. It has Ramsar Convention protected wetlands.

Lake Bardawil is about 90 kilometers (56 mi) long, and 22 kilometers (14 mi) wide (at its widest).[1] It covers an area of about 700 km2 (270 mi2).

Bardawil is the Arabic version of Baldwin, the name of five Crusader Kings of Jerusalem. The lake lies in an area which, in the Crusader period, was disputed territory between the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem and Egypt, and as early as Herodotus was considered to mark the boundary between Syria and Egypt. Its marshy edges were Herodotus's Serbonian Bog. Coordinates: 31°11′26″N 33°09′44″E / 31.190483°N 33.162231°E / 31.190483; 33.162231


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