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Bardi can refer to:

  • Bardi, Emilia-Romagna, a city in the province of Parma, northern Italy
  • Bardi, Western Australia, a town in Australia
  • Bardi, Iran, a village in Ilam Province, Iran
  • Bardi bush, an Australian plant, Acacia victoriae
  • Bardi (folklore), a shape-changing spirit or a rabid animal in Trebizond folklore who presages a death by wailing
  • The Bardi grub from Australia, is a collective term referring mainly to larvae of wood boring beetles in the family Cerambycidae and includes genera such as Bardistus and Phoracantha. The whitchety grub is sometimes inappropriately included but these insects are larvae of moths, principally in the family Cossidae and to some extent Hepialidae. Both Bardi and Whitchety grubs are considered "bush tucker" by the indigenous Aboriginals of Australia.<CSIRO (1991). "Insects of Australia" Melbourne University Press>
  • Bardi language, the language of the Bardi people (see below)
  • Bardi people, an Australian Aboriginal tribe
  • Barði Jóhannson, an Icelandic singer/songwriter/producer
  • People with the surname Bardi:

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