Bardylis II

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Bardyllis II
King Bardyllis II
Reign c.295 BC -c. 290 BC
Predecessor Cleitus
Successor Monunius
Greek Βάρδυλις

Bardyllis II (Ancient Greek Βάρδυλις; ruled c. 295 – 290 BC) was an Illyrian king of the Dardanian Kingdom. Bardyllis II, also called Bardyllis the Younger, was the son of Cleitus and grandson of Bardyllis, both enemies of the Macedonian kingdom. Bardyllis II managed to re-create the state of his grandfather in the region of Dassaretia to the west of the Lyncestian lakes (today's Lake Ohrid and Prespa).[1]

A feat of these dimensions could be achieved only through war against Macedonia and, apparently, also against the heirs of Glaucias. Bardyllis II might have absorbed or inherited Glaucias' Taulantii State. Pyrrhus waged a war against the Illyrians and conquered the Illyrian capital, although the location of the Illyrian capital at that time is not known. Thus, Bardyllis II and Pyrrhus might have shared Glaucias' Taulantii State. The king became a client king to Pyrrhus since Pyrrhus' power and hatred of Macedon made him an attractive ally to Bardylis II.[2] Bardyllis II became Pyrrhus' father-in-law when his daughter Bircenna became one of the wives of Pyrrhus, proving his power in southern Illyria.[3]

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