Barefoot – The Acoustic EP

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Barefoot - the acoustic ep
Barefoot – The Acoustic EP.jpg
EP by
ReleasedDecember 2008
GenreHard Rock, Acoustic rock
LabelBumblefoot Music
Bumblefoot chronology
Barefoot - the acoustic ep
Little Brother is Watching

Barefoot (the acoustic ep) is the first EP by recording artist Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal, released in December 2008. Barefoot is the first collection of acoustic recordings by Thal. The CD contains re-interpretations of his own songs, in both instrumental and vocal versions, in an acoustic style.

Track listing[edit]

1."She Knows (Acoustic)"3:08
2."Dash (Acoustic)"6:13
3."Simple Days (Acoustic)"4:12
4."Shadow (Acoustic)"5:43
5."Abnormal (Acoustic-Explicit Version)"3:35
6."She Knows (Acoustic-Instrumental)"3:10
7."Dash (Acoustic-Instrumental)"6:13
8."Simple Days (Acoustic-Instrumental)"4:12
9."Shadow (Acoustic-Instrumental)"5:45
10."Abnormal (Acoustic-Instrumental)"3:35
11."Delilah (Unplugged Version)"5:01
12."Abnormal (Acoustic-Clean Version)"3:35
Total length:54:27