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The cable-stayed Tengku Fisabilillah is connecting Batam Island and Tonton Island
The arch Rempang-Galang Bridge

The Barelang Bridge (Jawi:جمبتن باريلڠ ; Chinese: 巴里浪大橋; Indonesian: Jembatan Barelang) is a chain of 6 bridges of various types that connect the islands of Batam, Rempang, and Galang, Riau Islands built in 1997. Barelang also refers to the islands themselves, which are all administratively part of the municipality of Batam. The smaller islands of Tonton, Nipah, and Setotok (considered parts of the Batam island group) connect Batam and Rempang. The entire Barelang region covers 715 km².[1]

Some locals call the bridge Jembatan Habibie after Dr. Jusuf Habibie, who oversaw the project in construction, aiming to transform the Rempang and Galang islands into industrial sites (resembling present-day Batam).[2][3] The concept design for the 6 bridges were proposed by Bruce Ramsay of VSL. Dr. Habibie had requested that the designs should be based on a variation of different structural bridge types, in order to introduce & develop new bridge design & building technologies for the Indonesian market. Over time the bridge sites have grown more into a tourist attraction rather than a transportation route.[4]

The full stretch of all 6 bridges total to 2 kilometers. Travelling from the first bridge to the last is about 50 km and takes about 50 minutes. Construction of the bridges started in 1992 and took names from fifteenth to eighteenth-century rulers of the Riau Sultanate.[2]


  • Tengku Fisabilillah Bridge, connects Batam and Tonton island. It stretches for 642 meters and is the most popular bridge of all, being a cable-stayed bridge with two 118 m high pylons and main span 350 m.[5]
  • Tonton-Nipah Bridge, a cantilever bridge with total length 420 m and main span 160 m.[6]
  • Nipah-Setoko Bridge, a girder bridge with total length 270 m and main span 45 m.[7]
  • Setoko-Rempang Bridge, a cantilever bridge with total length 365 m and main span 145 m.[8]
  • Rempang-Galang Bridge, an arch bridge with total length 385 m and main span 245 m. The road deck was constructed using the incremental launching method, whereby the deck was constructed on the bridge approach and then launched horizontally by the use of hydraulic jacks with special sliding bearings out over the previously constructed arch.[9]


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