Barendrecht train accident

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Barendrecht train accident
Damaged train from the accident
Damaged train from the accident
Date 24 September 2009
Location Barendrecht
Country Netherlands
Rail line Betuweroute and Breda–Rotterdam railway
Operator DB Schenker, ERS Railways, NS Hispeed and NS Reizigers
Type of incident Collision
Trains 4
Passengers 175
Deaths 1
Injuries 2
Partial route map of
Breda–Rotterdam railway
Up arrowto Breda
29.5 Dordrecht
River Oude Maas
31.5 Zwijndrecht
to Betuweroute
on HSL-Zuid
Right arrowto Antwerpen-Centraal
39.1 Barendrecht
Crash site; to Betuweroute
42.2 Rotterdam Lombardijen
44.0 Rotterdam Stadion
45.1 Rotterdam Zuid
Down arrowto Rotterdam Centraal

The Barendrecht train accident involved the collision between two freight trains on 24 September 2009 near Barendrecht, Netherlands. One of the drivers was killed, the other was seriously injured.


On 24 September 2009 NS Class 6400 locomotives Nos. 6415 and 6514 were involved in a head-on collision with an EMD 66 locomotive of ERS (No. 6616) near Barendrecht close to the point the line passes under the A15 motorway.[1] One of the drivers was killed, the other seriously injured. Further collision with a passenger train was avoided when the driver braked heavily, though some passengers were injured.[2][3] In March 2010 both the locomotives 6415 and 6514 were scrapped.[4] The cause of the accident was found to be partly due to a heart condition of one of the train drivers; it was thought likely that the driver passed a red signal due to illness; additionally the automatic halting system on the track was of an outdated type.[5][6]

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Coordinates: 51°51′54″N 4°32′38″E / 51.86500°N 4.54389°E / 51.86500; 4.54389