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Barf-O-Rama is a series of children's novellas by Pat Pollari, the pseudonym of the popular children's author K.A. Applegate (who also wrote the Animorphs series). The stories were humorous, with a strong emphasis on scatological humor and other generally repulsive themes. The humor contained in the series is similar to that of Sylvia Branzei's Grossology series or the Slimeballs trilogy, by U.B. Gross. Because of the limited availability of many of the books in the series and their relative obscurity, most of them are out of print and very difficult to obtain.

Complete List[edit]

  1. Great Puke-Off, The
  2. Legend of Big Fart, The
  3. Mucus Mansion
  4. Garbage Time
  5. Dog Doo Afternoon
  6. To Wee or Not to Wee
  7. Scab Pie
  8. Party Pooper
  9. Pig Breath
  10. My Runny Valenslime
  11. Splat in the Hat, The
  12. Jurassic Fart
  13. Shoe Chew
  14. Forest Dump
  15. Hambooger and French Flies
  16. Fungus Among Us
  17. Spoiled Rotten