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Overview of Bargal.
Overview of Bargal.
Bargal is located in Somalia
Location in Somalia.
Coordinates: 11°17′00″N 51°05′00″E / 11.28333°N 51.08333°E / 11.28333; 51.08333Coordinates: 11°17′00″N 51°05′00″E / 11.28333°N 51.08333°E / 11.28333; 51.08333
Country Somalia
 • Total8,200
Time zoneUTC+3 (EAT)

Bargal (Somali: Baargaal, Arabic: بارجال‎) is a town in the northeastern Bari region of Somalia.


Bargal is situated in the mountainous Bari province of the autonomous Puntland state. It serves as the center of the Bargal District.

A coastal town, Bargal faces the Guardafui Channel in the Indian Ocean. It lies 26 nautical miles (30 miles) north of Gumbah, 11 nautical miles (13 miles) north of Ras Binnah, 30 nautical miles (35 miles) south of Tohen, and 35 nautical miles (40 miles) south of Cape Guardafui and the entrance to the Gulf of Aden.


Ruins of the Majeerteen Sultanate King Osman Mahamuud's castle in Bargal, built in 1878.

Bargal was a seasonal capital of the Majeerteen Sultanate (Migiurtinia) in the pre-independence period. In June 2007, it was the location of the Battle of Bargal.

In 2012, the Puntland Highway Authority (PHA) announced a project to connect Bargal and other littoral towns in Puntland to the main regional highway.[1] The 750 km thoroughfare links major cities in the northern part of Somalia, such as Bosaso, Galkayo and Garowe, with towns in the south.[2]


As of 2000, Bargaal had a population of around 8,200 inhabitants.[3]


Bargal has a number of academic institutions. According to the Puntland Ministry of Education, there are 3 primary schools, one secondary school and also Institute in the Bargal District. These include Wadikhayr, Taageer and Bargaal Primary.[4]


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