Barharwa Junction railway station

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Barharwa Junction
Indian Railway Junction Station
Barharwa Nameboard.jpg
Location Barharwa, Sahibganj, Jharkhand
Coordinates 24°51′28″N 87°46′27″E / 24.85778°N 87.77417°E / 24.85778; 87.77417
Elevation 25 m
Owned by Indian Railways
Line(s) Sahibganj Loop
Barharwa-Azimganj-Katwa Loop Line
Platforms 4
Tracks 4
Structure type Standard
Parking Yes(paid)
Other information
Status Functioning
Station code BHW
Zone(s) Eastern Railway
Division(s) Malda Division
Opened 1866
Previous names East India Railway

Barharwa Junction (Hindi: बरहरवा जंक्शन) is a railway station on the Sahibganj Loop and is located at Barharwa in Sahibganj District in the Indian state of Jharkhand.


The Howrah-Delhi main line was initially laid via Sahibganj and opened to traffic in 1866. Later, in 1871 the Raniganj-Kiul line was laid. The Khana-Sahibganj-Kiul section was renamed Sahibganj Loop.[1]

In 1913, the Barharwa-Azimganj-Katwa Railway constructed the Barharwa-Azimganj-Katwa Loop Line.[1]

The 15 kilometres (9.3 mi) long Barharwa-New Farakka link was established later, allowing trains from both Howrah and Delhi to travel to New Jalpaiguri.


Barharwa Junction is a B- category station under Malda division.It is one of the busiest station in terms of freight and goods trains service.Stones chips and minning materials are supplied all over the country from the hills near Barharwa.It is a junction point as train from Bhagalpur side going towards Malda Town and North Eastern States of India, going towards Azimganj and towards Rampurhat,Bolpur, Burdwan and Howrah and also Santhia-Andal.


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Barharwa Junction
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