Barisha, Harem District

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Villa in Barisha with porch pillars, to the left is the east gable of the Basilica
Villa in Barisha with porch pillars, to the left is the east gable of the Basilica
Barisha is located in Syria
Location in Syria
Coordinates: 36°09′58″N 36°38′10″E / 36.16611°N 36.63611°E / 36.16611; 36.63611Coordinates: 36°09′58″N 36°38′10″E / 36.16611°N 36.63611°E / 36.16611; 36.63611
Country  Syria
Governorate Idlib
District Harem
Subdistrict Qurqania
Occupation Ahrar ash-Sham
Population (2004)
 • Total 1,143

Barisha (Arabic: باريشا‎, Bārīšā,[1] also spelled Baricha ) is a village in northwestern Syria, administratively part of the Idlib Governorate located north of Idlib. It is situated near the border with Turkey, in the A'la Mountain and is part of an area known as the "Dead Cities."[2] According to the Syria Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), Barisha had a population of 1,143 in the 2004 census.[3]

Barish is located on the site of an ancient settlement, Dayhis. There are early Byzantine period ruins including residential buildings, cisterns, olive presses, and a church in the village.[4]


Barisha is located in Harem District of Idlib Governorate in the Ala Mountains near the Syrian border with Turkey. It is in the central region of the northern Syrian limestone massif, about 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) from Qalb Loze across a valley. The karst topography of the limestone left many small caves, some of which were habitations.

The modern village is about 500 metres (1,640 ft) north of the ruins. The ruins are surrounded by olive groves and small plots of mostly wheat.


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