Baritones and French Horns

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Modern Jazz Survey – Baritones And French Horns
Studio album by Pepper Adams/Cecil Payne/Julius Watkins/Dave Amram
Released 1957
Recorded April 20 and May 18, 1957
Studio Van Gelder Studio, Hackensack
Genre Hard bop, cool jazz
Length 76:22
Label Prestige
PRLP 16-6
Producer Teddy Charles

Baritones and French Horns is a 16 rpm album released in 1957 on Prestige Records. The album is one of a series of releases attributed to the Prestige All Stars.[1] Each side of the album was a distinct date with distinct personnel. From a review,[2] Kenny Berger wrote, "Among the many innovative technological failures of the mid- and late- 1950s, the 16-rpm phonograph record stands as the industry's answer to the Edsel. One of Prestige's contributions to this auditory dustbin was an LP on steroids titled Baritones and French Horns under the supervision of vibist, composer, arranger, A&R man Teddy Charles. The baritone side of this album was reissued twice on LP and twice more on CD under John Coltrane's name [as Dakar], though Pepper Adams was the actual leader on these sessions." The "french horns" side of the album was reissued as Prestige ST 8305, Curtis Fuller and Hampton Hawes with French Horns.[3]

Track listing[edit]


  1. "Dakar" (Teddy Charles) — 7:09
  2. "Mary's Blues" (Pepper Adams) — 6:47
  3. "Route 4" (Charles) — 6:55
  4. "Velvet Scene" (Waldron) — 4:53
  5. "Witches Pit" (Adams) — 6:42
  6. "Catwalk" (Charles) — 7:11

French Horns

  1. "Ronnie's Tune" (Ball, Zito) — 7:27
  2. "Roc And Troll" (Charles) — 7:11
  3. "A-Drift" (Zito) — 6:13
  4. "Lyriste" (Charles) — 6:00
  5. "Five Spot" (Amram) — 3:28
  6. "No Crooks" (Charles) — 6:26


Baritones (recorded April 20, 1957)

French Horns (recorded May 18, 1957)