Barka, Oman

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Barka is located in Oman
Location in Oman
Coordinates: 23°41′47.1″N 57°53′16.0″E / 23.696417°N 57.887778°E / 23.696417; 57.887778Coordinates: 23°41′47.1″N 57°53′16.0″E / 23.696417°N 57.887778°E / 23.696417; 57.887778
Country  Oman
Subdivision Al Batinah South Governorate
Population (2017)
 • Total 130,000
Time zone UTC+4:00 United Arab Emirates Standard Time

Barka (Arabic: بركاء‎) is a coastal city in the region Al Bāţinah, in northern Oman.

Nearby is Bait Na'aman (Nu'man), a four-towered fort of the 17th-century iman Bil'arab bin Sultan, renovated in 1991.[1] The town is also known for "bull butting," a pushing contest between specially raised great Brahmin bulls, and for its halwa confectionery.[2]

There are two major resorts in Barka, the Al-Sawadi resort and the Al-Nahda resort. In addition, a new quarter is now under construction in Barka, called "Blue City" (المدينة الزقاء), located in Sawadi. The development is 8 km from Sawadi beach, and many international companies are involved in Barka development projects. There is an estimated $15 billion in new construction currently taking place in Barka.

Barka is the site of several power and water plants including:

  • The Barka 2 water and power plant, with generation capacity of 678 MW and desalination capacity of 26.4 million gallons of potable water per day[3]
  • The Barka 3 gas turbine power plant, with generation capacity of 744 MW, sponsored by Engie, Yonden and Sojitz[4]
  • A new 281,000 m³/d desalination plant is to be commissioned: Itochu, Degremont and International Power were named preferred bidders in 2015.[5]


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