Barka River

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Barka River
Tokar Delta.jpg
The Tokar delta with the Barka (bottom)
Country Eritrea, Sudan
Main source Eritrean Highlands
River mouth Red sea at the Tokar Delta
Basin size 66,200 km2 (25,600 sq mi)
Physical characteristics
Length 640 km (400 mi)
  • Average rate:
    0.8 m3/a (28 cu ft/a) (at mouth)[1]

Barka River (Arabic: نهر بركة‎‎ nahr Baraka) flows from the Eritrean Highlands to the plains of Sudan. With a length of over 640 km, it rises just outside Asmara and flows in a northwestern direction through Agordat. The river merges with the Anseba River near the border with Sudan.[2]

In Sudan, the Barka flows seasonally to a delta on the Red Sea, near the town of Tokar.

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Coordinates: 18°15′N 37°38′E / 18.250°N 37.633°E / 18.250; 37.633