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Barker Road

Peak Tram approaching intermediate station.JPG
Aerial view of Barker Road station in 2007
Locationthe Peak, Central and Western District
Hong Kong
Coordinates22°16′16″N 114°09′06″E / 22.271008°N 114.151675°E / 22.271008; 114.151675Coordinates: 22°16′16″N 114°09′06″E / 22.271008°N 114.151675°E / 22.271008; 114.151675
Elevation363 metres (1,191 ft)
Line(s)Peak Tram
Platforms1 side platform
Opened30 May 1888 (1888-05-30)
Preceding stop Peak Tram Following stop
May Road
towards Garden Road
Peak Tram
Suspended since 23 April 2019 for renovation
The Peak

Barker Road Stop (Chinese: 白加道) is an intermediate station on the Peak Tram funicular railway line, and is located on Barker Road in the Peak, Central and Western District, Hong Kong, 363 metres (1,191 ft) above sea level. The station opened in 1888 along with the tramline.[1][2] At this time it was named Plantation Road Station as Barker Road was built not before 1898. Today, Barker Road itself passes under the tramway at the uphill end of the station on a bridge.

The station comprises a single platform on the western side of the single track. Barker Road is the only intermediate station to have a 'proper' station building, with a concrete roof covering the platform and track. This roof was wasn't there from the start but was built in 1919.[3] All other stations only have a small shelter on the platform.

Because the station is located in a high-income residential area, where most residents own a car, its patronage is relatively low. The station is a request stop at which tram cars will stop only if passengers have pressed the request button inside the tramcar or at the station. This facility is not offered during Sundays and Statutory Holidays, due to the increased demand on the tramway as a whole. No ticketing equipment is provided on the platform.

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