Barker Road Methodist Church

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Barker Road Methodist Church
Country Singapore
Denomination Methodist
Former name(s) Barker Road Chapel
Founded 26 May 1957 (1957-05-26)
Division Trinity Annual Conference (TRAC)
Senior pastor(s) Rev. Dr Chiu Ming Li (Pastor-in-Charge)
  • Rev. Lawrence Chua
  • Rev Daniel Terence Yeo
  • Rev Wendy Watson
  • Rev Edmund Koh
  • Rev Jeremy Ong
  • Rev Egmedio B Equila Jr
  • Ps David Ho

Barker Road Methodist Church (BRMC) is a Methodist church [1] in Singapore located at 48 Barker Road along Dunearn Road,[2] and is colocated with Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road) and Anglo-Chinese School (Primary).


BRMC was originally known as the Barker Road Chapel, and had its beginnings in 1956.[3] It was later recognised as a Methodist church on 26 May 1957 with 12 registered members who were mainly Anglo-Chinese School boys.

In 2016, membership of the Church stood at 2,742.[4]

BRMC is associated with the revival of Christian emphasis in the Anglo-Chinese School in the 1950s,[5] and again in ACS Clock Tower Charismatic revival in 1972,[6] when it hosted Anglo-Chinese School boys in the Church Sanctuary.[7][8] Several participants in the revival later served as pastors in the Church.[4]

The Church was one of the founding members of the National Council of Churches of Singapore.[9]

Church Planting[edit]

In October 1993, the Church, together with Wesley Methodist Church launched a church-planting project at the Methodist Girls' School with the opening of a preaching point. It was later constituted as Covenant Community Methodist Church in September 1994.[4]

A similar preaching point was established at Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) in 1998 in partnership with Wesley Methodist Church and Aldersgate Methodist Church, and was later constituted as Living Waters Methodist Church in April 2003.[10]

In July 2007, BRMC opened a preaching point at Anglo-Chinese School (International). This preaching point was later constituted as Holland Village Methodist Church in 2012.[11]

BRMC currently maintains a preaching point at Bukit Batok, located at Block 151, Bukit Batok Street 11.[12]

Affiliated Organizations[edit]

BRMC also looks after the spiritual well-being of the following schools under the Anglo-Chinese School umbrella[13]

It also hosts a popular kindergarten, Barker Road Methodist Church Kindergarten, where its 420 places are snapped up by "parents still in the maternity ward".[18]

In 2001, the Church launched what was to become MCYC Community Services Society in a joint project with the welfare arm of Methodist Church in Singapore, the Methodist Welfare Services. MCYC Community Services Society is one of two Voluntary Welfare Organisations in Singapore that have been selected as Fostering Agencies by the Ministry of Social and Family Development.[19]

The Church hosts a sizeable Indonesian and Filipino congregation. The Filipino congregation celebrated its 32nd Anniversary in 2015, with Ambassador of the Philippines in Singapore attending.[20]

Notable Events[edit]

The Church organised and hosted several events that were relevant to the members of the public at large, and received coverage from the press. These include a forum on "Educational problems facing families in Singapore",[21][22][23] a forum on "Family Life Problems" [24][25] and a forum on "Approaches to Drug Problems".[26][27][28]

The Church also played host to the Boys' Brigade in Singapore during the Brigade's Thanksgiving Services.[29][30][31]

Notable Members and Pastors[edit]


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