Barkhan District

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ضِلع بارخان
Barkhan District
Map of Balochistan with Barkhan District highlighted
Map of Balochistan with Barkhan District highlighted
Country Pakistan
Province Balochistan
Notified 31 December 1991[1]
Headquarters Barkhan
 • Chief of The Tribe Sardar Abdul Rehman Khetran
 • Member Provincial Assembly Mrs. Nasreen Rehman Khetran W/O Sardar Abdul Rehman Khetran
 • Total 3,411 km2 (1,317 sq mi)
Population (2005 Estimate)
 • Total 185,000
 • Density 54.24/km2 (140.5/sq mi)
Time zone PST (UTC+5)

Barkhan District (Balochi: ضِلع بارخان), is a district in the north-East of the Balochistan province of Pakistan. It was given the status of a district on 31 December 1991.[1]The livelihood of the people in this district is based on agriculture and livestock.The mineral deposits in the area are yet not explored, which are considered to be in huge quantity. Wheat, tomatoes, fodder, vegetables, jowar, onion, garlic, and melon, as well as apples, almonds, plums, apricots, pomegranates and peaches are grown here. The district is devoid of any manufacturing units and big industries. However, smaller enterprises employing a small number of the population do exist.

Barkhan is also the home of Sardar Abdul Rehman Khetran the chief of Khetran tribe, as well as being the hometown of Mrs. Nasreen Abdul Rehman Khetran, the first lady to be elected to the Balochistan Assembly in the 2002 election on a general seat.


The major tribe in the district are the Khetran and the major languages spoken are Khetrani.

In 1884, the Khetrans came under the authority of the Agent to the Governor General in Balochistan. The Leghari Burkhan circle, comprising two valleys Barkhan and Vitakari, was transferred from Punjab control to Balochistan control in 1884. This district was brought under the direct administration of Balochistan in 1887, when work on the construction of D.G Khan - Pishin Road was started and a Tehsildar was posted at Barkhan. In 1889, Barkhan tehsil was transferred to the Zhob Agency with headquarters at Loralai. This tehsil however was transferred again to Thal Chotaili Agency in 1892. In October, 1903, the Thal Chotaili and Zhob Agencies were remodelled and three new agencies; Sibi, Loralai and Zhob were created and the Barkhan Tehsil was transferred to the Loralai Agency.

Saraiki Region


Presently the district has one subdivision, Barkhan Tehsil, which is itself subdivided into 8 Union Councils (local governmental bodies).[2] Khetrans are divided into three main tribes: Ispaani, Phhalaid and Dharhewaal. Chief of ispaani Mazarani. Chief of phhalaid (Saraajani) Eshani. Chief of dharhewaal Chachchay.

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Coordinates: 29°53′51″N 69°31′35″E / 29.89750°N 69.52639°E / 29.89750; 69.52639