Barkheda, Raisen

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Barkhera Railway Station
Barkhera Railway Station
Barkheda is located in Madhya Pradesh
Coordinates: 22°55′N 77°39′E / 22.92°N 77.65°E / 22.92; 77.65Coordinates: 22°55′N 77°39′E / 22.92°N 77.65°E / 22.92; 77.65
Country India
State Madhya Pradesh
District Raisen
Block Obedullaganj
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
Postal Index Number 464995
STD code 7480
ISO 3166 code MP-IN

Barkheda is a village in the Obedullaganj block of the Raisen District of Madhya Pradesh, India.[1] Alternative English spellings of its name include Bharkada and Barkhera. It is a census designated place with the code 484296 (2011).[2]

Archaeological excavations at Barkhera have resulted in the history of early historical remains.[3][4] These include pottery with close affinity to "Malwa ware"[5] and acheulean assemblages similar to the ones found at Bhimbetka.[6] Barkhera has been identified as the source of the raw materials used in some of the monoliths discovered at Bhimbetka.[7] A human skeleton dating to 2nd millennium BCE has also been discovered at Barkheda.[8]

The Betwa River originates near Barkheda.[9]

The village is located along the National Highway 69.[10] It has a railway station, which falls on the Itarsi-Bhopal line.


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