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Barking Hoop Recordings is an independent record label founded by percussionist/composer Kevin Norton in 1999. The label is dedicated to releasing new and original music. Barking Hoop has released 11 CDs to date, featuring Norton's own groups as well as artists like Anthony Braxton, Joëlle Léandre and the String Trio of New York with Oliver Lake.

Barking Hoop Discography[edit]

  • For Guy Debord (in nine events) Kevin Norton Ensemble featuring Anthony Braxton
  • In Context/Out of Context Kevin Norton's Context Trio
  • Sous Ratue Kevin O'Neil Quartet
  • 8 Standards (Wesleyan) 2001 Anthony Braxton Quartet
  • Change Dance (Troubled Energy) Kevin Norton
  • Kevin Norton and Haewon Min play the music of Anthony Braxton
  • Ocean of Earth Kevin Norton/Joelle Leandre/Tomas Ulrich
  • Time Space Modulator Kevin Norton's Bauhaus Quartet
  • Frozen Ropes String Trio of New York featuring Oliver Lake
  • Born in Brooklyn Instinctual Eye: Kevin Norton, Frode Gjerstad, Nick Stephens
  • Hybrids Billy Stein Trio

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