Barlavento Islands

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Coordinates: 17°00′N 24°00′W / 17.000°N 24.000°W / 17.000; -24.000

Barlavento islands (yellow) within Cape Verde
Barlavento Islands

The Barlavento Islands (Portuguese: Ilhas de Barlavento, literally, the Windward Islands) is the northern group of the Cape Verde archipelago.[1] It presents as two sub-groups:

The total land mass is 2,239 km2 (864 sq mi).[1] Spanning from longitude -22.67 to -25.36 (implying west of the Prime Meridian), the group sits in the Trade winds, specifically at the optional southern turn or tack termed by European sailors a key point of the Volta do Mar. The islands are west of Cap-Vert at -17.31 west, in turn the westernmost point of Africa on the outskirts of Dakar (the capital of Senegal).

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