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Barlow Der Mugrdechian is a historian and lecturer of Armenian studies at California State University, Fresno, where he teaches Armenian language, literature, history and culture courses.[1][2][3] His main area of research has been Armenian literature.[2] He serves as the director of the Armenian Studies Program.[4][2] He has published numerous articles on Armenian history, culture and literature in many academic and professional journals worldwide.[3]

Life and career[edit]

Of Armenian descent, was born in Fresno, California in 1956. He attained his B.S. degree in biology at California State University, Fresno. He continued his educated and attained his M.A. degree in Armenian language and literature from the department of Near Eastern languages and culture from University of California, Los Angeles.[1] Der Mugrdechian was admitted into California State University, Fresno as a professor in 1985.[1] He teaches Armenian language, literature, history and culture courses. In 1991, Der Mugrdechian was instrumental in the establishment of the student exchange program between California State University, Fresno and Yerevan State University.[1][3] For many years, Der Mugrdechian has taught and directed the Armenian Relief Society Summer Studies Program in Massachusetts.[3]

He was the chairman of the Armenian Community Council of the San Jaoquin Valley from 1992 to 1995.[3] He served in the Parish Council of the St. Paul Apostolic Church of Fresno from 1993 to 1995.[3] From 1997 to 2003, Der Mugrdechian edited the Newsletter of the Society for Armenian Studies, a newsletter that is published three times a year that is composed of academics and teachers who are interested in Armenian studies.[1] In 1996-1997 he hosted a television program about Armenian issues and history called Hye Talk.[1][3] In September 1999, the National Ecclesiastical Assembly of Etchmiadzin elected him as a delegate.[1] He also participated in the election of Karekin II as Catholicos of All Armenians.[1]

Barlow Der Mugrdechian has traveled extensively in the Middle East and Armenia and is fluent in Armenian (both Classical and Modern), Russian, Turkish, English and French.[3]

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