Barlow Peak

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Barlow Peak
From Mount Hancock, 1967
Highest point
Elevation 9,609 ft (2,929 m) [1]
Coordinates 44°10′58″N 110°22′38″W / 44.18278°N 110.37722°W / 44.18278; -110.37722 (Barlow Peak)Coordinates: 44°10′58″N 110°22′38″W / 44.18278°N 110.37722°W / 44.18278; -110.37722 (Barlow Peak)[1]
Location Yellowstone National Park, Teton County, Wyoming
Parent range Big Game Ridge
Topo map Mount Hancock

Barlow Peak el. 9,609 feet (2,929 m) is an isolated mountain peak in the Big Game Ridge section of southwest Yellowstone National Park south of the Continental Divide. Barlow peak was named by geologist Arnold Hague in 1885 for Captain John W. Barlow an early topographical engineer mapping in the park.[2]

Barlow Peak's namesake, John W. Barlow

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