Barlowe's Guide to Fantasy

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Barlowe's Guide to Fantasy
Barlowe's Guide to Fantasy.jpg
Author Wayne Barlowe
Illustrator Wayne Barlowe
Cover artist Wayne Barlowe
Publisher 1996 (HarperPrism)
Media type Print
Pages 100
ISBN 0-06-105238-8
OCLC 34742199
741 .64 092—dc20
LC Class 96-3056

Barlowe's Guide to Fantasy is a 1996 fantasy book by artist Wayne Barlowe. A companion to his earlier book Barlowe's Guide to Extraterrestrials, it contains his visualizations of different beings from various works of fantasy. The foreword is by John Silbersack, then editor-in-chief at HarperPrism. The interior text is by Neil Duskis.

Characters and species[edit]

Extra content[edit]

A foldout section in the middle of the work, showing size comparisons. Pencil drawings of the creatures, including preliminary sketches for Pilgrimage to Hell, a project of his, possibly related to his Inferno.


  • Barlowe, Wayne (1996). Barlowe's Guide to Fantasy. New York: HarperPrism. ISBN 0-06-105238-8.