Barm-e Delak

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Barm-e Delak
برم‌دلک (Persian)
Barm-e Delak ,First relief
Sasanian king Bahram II offering a lotus flower to his wife
Shown within Iran
Alternate name Barm-e Dilak
Location Pars, Iran
Coordinates 29°35′07″N 52°39′14″E / 29.58528°N 52.65389°E / 29.58528; 52.65389Coordinates: 29°35′07″N 52°39′14″E / 29.58528°N 52.65389°E / 29.58528; 52.65389
Type rock relief
Area 2 ha (4.9 acres)
Periods Sasanian
Cultures Iran
Site notes
Ownership Mixed public and private
Public access Partial

Barm-e Delak (Persian: برم‌دلک‎‎), is a site of a Sasanian rock relief located about 10 km southeast of Shiraz, in the Pars Province of Iran.[1] The rock relief was known as Bahram-e Dundalk in Middle Persian, which means Bahram's heart.


The site is located near a river, on the eastern side of a rocky spur. It composes four reliefs.

Rock relief of Sasanian king Bahram II at Sarab-e Qandil (AKA Tang-e Qandil), vicinity of Bishapour, near modern Kazerun

The first relief is a family scene done in a unique style in honor to king Bahram II. It shows the king offering a lotus flower to his wife.

Rock relief Barm-e Dilak II

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