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This article is about the municipality in Rajasthan, India. For its namesake district, see Barmer district.
Metropolitan City
Barmer is located in Rajasthan
Barmer is located in India
Location in Rajasthan, India
Coordinates: 25°45′N 71°23′E / 25.75°N 71.38°E / 25.75; 71.38Coordinates: 25°45′N 71°23′E / 25.75°N 71.38°E / 25.75; 71.38
Country  India
State Rajasthan
District Barmer
Founded by Mallinath
 • Type Democratic
 • Body BMC
 • Metropolitan City 28,387 km2 (10,960 sq mi)
Area rank No. 5
Elevation 227 m (745 ft)
Population (2011)
 • Metropolitan City 100,015
 • Metro 1,84,000
 • Official Hindi, Marwadi
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 344001
ISO 3166 code RJ-IN
Vehicle registration RJ-04

Barmer (Hindi: बाड़मेर) is the district headquarters of the Barmer district in the state of Rajasthan, India. It is a Group 'C' city for living standards, and the headquarters of the Barmer Taluka. In 12th century this region was known as Mallani. It’s present name was give by its founder Bahada Rao, popularly known as Bar Rao, Parmar Ruler (Juna Barmer). He build a small town which is presently known as “Juna” which is 25 km from present city of Barmer. After Parmer’s, Rawat Luka -Grand Son of Rawal Mallinath, establish their kingdom in Juna Barmer with help of his brother Rawal Mandalak. They defeated Parmers of Juna & made it their capital. Thereafter, his descendant, Rawat Bhima, who was a great warrior, established the present city of Barmer in 1552 AD and shifted his capital to Barmer from Juna. He build a small fort on top of the city which is also known as Barmer Garh. Hill of Barmer fort is 1383 feet but Rawat Bhima build fort at height of 676 feet which is safer place than top of hill. The estate of Barmer was hereditary bhumia Jagir (independent principality), being an alloidal vassal state of Marwar (Jodhpur) in Rajputana Agency and as against the other Nobles, Jagirdars and Chiefs of Jodhpur State who hold land on condition of regular services being rendered, the Rawat owes nominal allegiance and offers service only during emergencies. Once a camel trade route, This area is rich in craft that include wood carving, pottery, embroidery work and ajrak prints. Several festivals are held in Barmer, Most important being the Mallinath Cattle festival which is held at Tilwara village in remembrance of Rawal Mallinath who was founder of Mallani Pargana.[1]


As of the 2011 census, Barmer had a population of 100,051. The population of the 0-6 year age range was 22% of the total population. Barmer had an average literacy rate of 56.53%; genderwise, 70% of males and 40% of females are literate.[2]

Attraction & Places to visit & explore in Barmer[edit]

BARMER FORT & GARH TEMPLE - Rawat Bhima build a Barmer fort in 1552 AD at hillock in present city of Barmer when he shifted old Barmer (Presently JUNA village in Barmer Dist) to present city. He build a fort on top of the city which is also known as Barmer Garh. Hill of Barmer fort is 1383 feet but Rawat Bhima build fort at height of 676 feet which is safer place than top of hill. Main entrance of Fort (Prole) is on North direction, Safety Burg are made on east & west direction. Boundary wall of fort was ordinary due to natural wall protection of hill. This fort is surrounded by temple on all sides. This Hill of Barmer Fort has two important religious places; Top of the hill is temple of JOGMAYA devi (Garh Mandir) which is situated at height of 1383 & at Height of 500 feet there is Nagnechi Mata temple, Both temples are very famous and have fair during Navratra festivals. Rest area is residence of former royal family of Barmer.

CHINTAMANI PARASNATH JAIN TEMPLE - This temple is known for magnificent sculptures and spectacular ornamental paintings. The interior part of the temple also features rich inlay work made with glass. The temple was constructed by Shri Nemaji Jivaji Bohra in the 16th century and lies on top of a hillock in the western part of Barmer city.

MAHAVEER PARK - It is biggest public park of Barmer, It has children play area

SOONNADI (LAKE) - It is one of the biggest water body of Barmer city, During rainy season it is full of water, This place is surrounded by mountains. It is picnic spot of city

JASDER DHAM - It is also one of the picnic spot of city, this place has big garden, temples & water body. It is 2 km from the city center.

SUJESHWAR TEMPLE & HANUMAN TEKARI - It is located at highest peak of city (1200 Steers), Temples are of Load Shiva & Load Hanuman.

GANDHI CHOWK - This is square located in center of city, where we can find street food at evening. This place is also main market of city.

AZAD CHOWK - This is square located in old city on foothill of Garh Barmer. This place has many shops of Barmer prints (Bed sheets). Old Market of Barmer is in near by area of Azad Chowk.[3]



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