Barmy Burgers

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Barmy Burgers
Cover art
Developer(s) Gary Capewell and Gary Sewell
Publisher(s) Blaby Computer Games
Platform(s) ZX Spectrum
Dragon 32/64
Release date(s)
Genre(s) Platform game

Barmy Burgers is a 1983 computer game written for the ZX Spectrum by Gary Capewell and Gary Sewell and published by Blaby Computer Games in the UK and Ventamatic in Spain. It is a clone of the arcade hit BurgerTime.[citation needed]


In-game screen. Completion of a level

The object of the game is create three hamburgers by running over each of the ingredients, making them drop down levels until they make up complete burgers. Players must also avoid sausages and fried eggs who chase them down; players can stop them by firing pepper at them. However if they catch the chef then the player will lose a life.[citation needed]

Barmy Burgers received favourable reviews. Crash magazine praised the game for its sound and graphics,[1] while Computer and Video Games said that Barmy Burgers is a good game for any spectrum-owning Burgertime fan.[2]

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