Barnabas Community Church, Shrewsbury

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Coordinates: 52°42′16″N 2°44′52″W / 52.7044°N 2.7478°W / 52.7044; -2.7478

Barnabas Church Centre,[1] a former territorial army centre now used by Barnabas Community Church

Barnabas Community Church is an independent, charismatic evangelical, Church in Shrewsbury, England, and is in many ways a product of the UK British New Church Movement. It is part of the Newfrontiers[2] family of churches and a member of the Evangelical Alliance.[3]


Barnabas Christian Fellowship was founded in 1983, after the Crowmoor Baptist Church outgrew its building at the time.[4] The initial group was about 80 strong. Restricted by only having limited capacity in meeting rooms above a pub, as the church grew, it separated into two congregations for a three-year period. In 1993, the two congregations reunited and began meeting together at the Wakeman School[5] with a clear sense that a new "home" was needed.

In 1996 Barnabas formally became part of Newfrontiers, an international family of similar churches.

In 1999 Barnabas formally adopted a cell group model for church life,[6] having been inspired by teaching from Ralph Neighbour[7] and organisations such as Cell UK.[8]

About the same time the Alpha Course was adopted and has been run twice a year since then.[9]

In 2001 the name of the church was changed officially to Barnabas Community Church.

The Barnabas Centre[edit]

The Music Hall was one of several venues used while a permanent home was being found

Between 1983 and 1985 the church met in various public halls including the Music Hall[10] and the Gateway arts centre.[11] Between 1985 and 1996 the church rented a suite of rooms above the Lloyds pub in Shrewsbury town centre.

The Barnabas Centre was formerly a Territorial Army[1] Drill Hall. Its layout provided an ideal basis for conversion into a Church Centre. Between 1995 and 2007, £550,000 was raised by church members to enable the purchase, refurbishment and extension of the building to take place.

Community activities[edit]

The Barnabas Centre is now a multi-use church centre with many community agencies using the facilities, such as the Shrewsbury Senior Citizen's Forum[12] and the Community Council of Shropshire[13]

There are also community projects[14] such as a Debt Advice Centre,[15] senior citizen's activities[16] and youth activities [17]


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