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Barnardtown is a small area to the east of Newport Bridge in the city of Newport. It is roughly bounded by Duckpool Road, Church Road and Caerleon Road. It lies within the electoral ward of Saint Julian's and to the west is Riverside.

The original houses in the area were very slum-like tight rows with people living in appalling conditions. A local religious man Edward Barnard invested into building small new terraces. A condition of building the "new village" was that there were to be no pubs in the area and the names of the streets are that of church figures, e.g. Morden Road, Canon Street, Bishop Street, &c.[citation needed]

Coordinates: 51°35′37.61″N 2°59′0.72″W / 51.5937806°N 2.9835333°W / 51.5937806; -2.9835333