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coat of arms Barnekow

Barnekow is a medieval noble family originating from Mecklenburg and Pommerania.


The Pommeranian Rügen family Barnekow was first mentioned in 1255. The Mecklenburg branch died out around 1600.

Barnekow is mentioned in 1307, when Ulrik Barnekow is witness to a treaty between the King of Denmark Erik Menved and Henrik of Mecklenburg.

Earlier references are found ( of Alvericus de BERNEKOWE born in Barnekow, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany in about 1186. Ulrich von Barnekow above, was the son of Hinricus de BARNEKOWE, who was the son of Alvericus de BERNEKOWE.

Barnekow has Wendish etymology: "Baran" for ram, "ek" for diminutive form, and "ow" referring to a place.

Danish line[edit]

The oldest branch of the Pommeranian Barnekow moved to Denmark in the beginning of the 16th century when Hans Barnekow was recognised as Danish nobility in 1547.

Swedish line[edit]

Hans Barnekow's great grandson Christian Barnekow was introduced at the Swedish House of Nobility as Nr 23 in 1664, following the Treaty of Roskilde in 1658 when Scania became Swedish. His grandson, Christian Barnekow was introduced as Baron in 1752 (Nr 230) and in 1816 the head of this branch was introduced as Counts (Nr 128).

German line[edit]

A German noble line still exists.

Notable members[edit]

The whole family-line features an extensive number of personalities, including but not limited to:

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