Barnet Market

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Barnet Market
Location High Barnet, Barnet, Greater London
Coordinates 51°39′23″N 0°12′10″W / 51.6563°N 0.2029°W / 51.6563; -0.2029Coordinates: 51°39′23″N 0°12′10″W / 51.6563°N 0.2029°W / 51.6563; -0.2029
Address Chipping Close
Opening date 1199 (charter)
Management Barnet Market Ltd
Owner Barnet London Borough Council
Environment Outdoor
Goods sold General goods
Days normally open Wednesday, Saturday
Number of tenants 50

Barnet Market is a weekly market held in High Barnet, in the London Borough of Barnet, Greater London.


It first established on 23 August 1199 when King John issued a Charter for a Market at Barnet to the Lord of the Manor, the Abbot of St. Albans, John de Cella. This charter is one of the oldest recorded for a market. On 6 February 1588 a new Barnet Market Charter was issued by Queen Elizabeth I to the then Lord of the Manor, Charles Butler, which also allowed the holding of the Barnet Horse Fair.

The town of High Barnet is sometimes known as Chipping Barnet, in reference to the market.[1]

In January 2008 Barnet Market moved to a temporary site on Stapylton Road car park to enable the St. Albans Road scheme with the New Market to be built, but the scheme did not progress and it moved back in 2010 even though the site has been cleared.

The market[edit]

It has 50 stalls and is open Wednesday and Saturday.[2]


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