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Palace of Liberal Arts, Louisiana Purchase Exposition, 1904

Barnett, Haynes & Barnett was a prominent architectural firm based in St. Louis, Missouri. Their credits include many familiar St. Louis landmarks, especially a number related to the local Catholic church. Their best-known building is probably the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis (the 'new' cathedral). A number of the firm's works are listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.[1]

The three partners were Thomas P. Barnett, John Ignatius Haynes, and George Dennis Barnett. The three were the two sons and the son-in-law of English-born St. Louis architect George I. Barnett. The founding of the firm dates to about 1895; George D. Barnett died in 1922, and the last structure attributed to the firm dates to about 1930.


Their designs include:

Additional works by the firm, in alphabetical rather than chronological order, are (with variations in attribution):


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