Barney's Adventure Bus

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Barney's Adventure Bus is a Barney & Friends home video.


Barney the Dinosaur decides to take his friends for the ride of their life in his "Adventure Bus" to some of their favorite destinations. One of the bus stops is at Barney's Purple Pepperoni Pizzeria where they all get to be a chef. The next bus stop is at the Old West, where Keesha has the opportunity to ride her own pony. Then after a stop at the circus for Baby Bop, BJ gets to join a rock band.


  • Barney (voice) - Bob West
  • Barney (costume) - David Joyner
  • Baby Bop (voice) - Julie Johnson
  • Baby Bop (costume) - Jeff Ayers
  • BJ (voice) - Patty Wirtz
  • BJ (costume) - Jeff Brooks
  • Chip - Lucien Douglas
  • Keesha - Mera Baker
  • Kristen - Sara Hickman
  • Robert - Angel Velasco


These are the list of songs featured in the video.

# Song To the tune of
1 Barney Theme Song Yankee Doodle
2 It's a Beautiful Day
3 The Land of Make Believe
4 The Wheels on the Bus
5 Let's Go on an Adventure
6 Happy Dancing
7 Castles So High
8 Make the Dough
9 Nothing Beats a Pizza
10 Get Along Little Doggies
11 Home on the Range
12 Turkey in the Straw
13 The Elephant Song
14 The Popcorn Song
15 The Baby Bop Hop
16 Our Friend BJ Had a Band Old McDonald Had a Farm
17 I Love You This Old Man