Barney Kennett

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Barney Kennett
Barney Kennett-41.jpg
Born 15 March 1955
Nationality English
Career history
1971-1984 Canterbury Crusaders
1973-1975 Hackney Hawks
1975 Oxford Rebels
1975-76 Newport
1978 Sheffield Tigers
1979 Belle Vue Aces
1979 Poole Pirates
1980-1983 Eastbourne Eagles
Team honours
1973 London Cup
1978 National League Champion

Brian 'Barney' Kennett (born 1955) is a former English motorcycle speedway rider in the British National League.

Brian Kennet was born 15 March 1955 in Orpington, England. He is part of a speedway family which includes brothers Gordon Kennett and Dave Kennett, and nephew Edward Kennett.

Kennet was the longest serving rider for the Canterbury Crusaders (speedway), riding from 1971 to 1984.

In 1973 Kennet was runner-up to Peter Collins (speedway rider) in the British Under 21 Speedway Championship.[1] The same year he became the most expensive Division Two rider in a transfer deal. Hackney Hawks boss Len Silver paid a record £1500.01 to Canterbury Crusaders, adding the 1p to beat the record paid previously by Oxford Rebels for Gordon Kennett, his brother, to transfer from Eastbourne Eagles. Despite this deal, Johnny Hoskins, boss of the Crusaders, wrote-in a loan-back clause, meaning that Canterbury Crusaders could still call on Kennet to ride for them.[2]


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