Barnstable Intermediate School

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Barnstable Intermediate School
895 Falmouth Road
Barnstable, Massachusetts, Barnstable County 02601
United States
Coordinates 41°39′32.54″N 70°19′15.28″W / 41.6590389°N 70.3209111°W / 41.6590389; -70.3209111Coordinates: 41°39′32.54″N 70°19′15.28″W / 41.6590389°N 70.3209111°W / 41.6590389; -70.3209111
School type Public Middle School
Established 1970s
Status Open
School district Barnstable Public School District
Superintendent Meg Mayo-Brown
Principal James Anderson
Grades 6-7
Average class size 20s
Language English
Hours in school day 6.25
School color(s) Red, White
Communities served Town of Barnstable

Barnstable Intermediate School is a combination elementary/middle school (Grades 6-7) in Barnstable, Massachusetts. It is located on Route 28 in the village of Hyannis in Barnstable.

Originally named Barnstable Middle School from 1976–1992, the school changed its name to Barnstable Middle School at Hyannis because of the building of a middle school in Marstons Mills. The school reverted to its original name in 2003 after the school system was reorganized. In 2009, with another reorganization, the school was named the Barnstable Intermediate School to reflect the addition of the 6th grade and the loss of the 8th graders. When the school was called BMS, the seventh grade was primarily educated in English, Social Studies, Science, and Math (Course 2 or Pre-Algebra). The eighth grade was primarily educated in English, Social Studies, Science and Math (Pre-Algebra or Algebra 1). Some of the enrichment classes offered were Physical Education, Health, Art, Band, Orchestra, Chorus, French/Conversational French, Technical Education, Music, Applied Math, Gateway, and other groups/organizations/classes.

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