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Barnstorming (video game) (Cover).jpg
Designer(s)Steve Cartwright[2]
Platform(s)Atari 2600

Barnstorming is an Atari 2600 video game designed by Steve Cartwright and published by Activision in 1982.[2] It was the first game designed by Cartwright. The idea for Barnstorming came to him as he watched a biplane one day while driving home from work.[3]


Gameplay screenshot

The player must pilot a biplane through a series of barns in the shortest time possible while dodging windmills, weather vanes, and geese. Bumping into anything slows down the plane for a couple of seconds, increasing the overall time.

There are four levels of play determined by the game select switch. Game 1 is Hedge Hopper (10 barns), game 2 is Crop Duster (15 barns), game 3 is Stunt Pilot (15 barns), and game 4 is Flying Ace (25 barns). In the first three games, the course layout of barns, windmills, and even geese do not change, making it easy to memorize the layout. Game 4 is the only game with a random course.

Originally, a player with a time or better of 33.3 seconds on game 1, 51.0 seconds on game 2, or 54.0 seconds on game 3 could send Activision a picture of their screen and receive membership in the Activision Flying Aces and a Flying Aces patch.


Richard A. Edwards reviewed Barnstorming in The Space Gamer No. 54.[4] Edwards commented that "This is a game no Atari VCS owner should be without. Buy it."[4]


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