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Barok is considered as one of the most popular komiks characters in the Philippines created by Filipino cartoonist Bert Sarile and Filipino comic book script writer Polly Rallanca in 1973. A stone-age Philippine comic book character, Barok was described by Sarile as a lead character and one of the equivalents in the Philppine comic book industry of the American cartoon characters in The Flintstones.[1] Barok was illustrated in komiks by Sarile as a “pre-historic caveman” who carried a “large club”.[2]

Comic book version[edit]

Barok was featured weekly in the pages of Hiwaga Komiks. Conceived by Sarile and Rallanca as a character of ethnic background that mirrored the “Filipino foibles in a primitive-age setting”, Barok was the more contemporary substitute to Bondying, a postwar Filipino comic book character. Barok was the first character in the Philippines that was created within a stone-age setting.[1]

Film version[edit]

Later on, Barok had been featured in three Philippine movies.[1] A 1979 version of the film starred Filipino actor and comedian Chiquito as Barok.[2] The 1976 film is an official entry of the 1976 Metro Manila Film Festival.

Book version[edit]

Barok was one of the few Filipino comic book series or comic strips that was compiled and published in book format. The 130-page, digest size, and black-and-white book version[2] of Barok was published in 2004 by Pacyno Publishing, Co, Inc. and was distributed by National Book Store.[1]

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